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Natasha Helen Setiawan
Erliany Syaodih
Dasrun Hidayat
Chairil M Noor



Health is the most important thing in human life. Therefore, clinic should be able to provide quality and professional health services to patients. Dr. Ueng is a private clinic located in Purwakarta that provides health services in Purwakarta area. There is a phenomenon of a decrease in the number of patient visits in the last four years. This study aims to analyze the problems that occur in order to increase the number of patient visits. This research was doing in Dr. Ueng Clinic. The methods of this research is survey and interview method. This research is a research with qualitative descriptive approach that reflects the picture of a situation at a certain moment. The analysis method used is SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats). SWOT analysis will identify internal factors and external factors of Dr. Ueng Clinic, so we can get the strategic position of this clinic, by using SWOT matrix can be formulated strategies and arranged programs and activities to improve health service at Dr. Ueng clinic. The results of this study shows the most suitable marketing strategy for clinic is WO strategy (Weakness- Opportunites). From those strategy, there are some marketing programs suitable for Dr. Ueng clinic which is expected to improve health services at the clinic and increasing the number of patient visits in the Dr. Ueng clinic

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Setiawan, N. H. ., Syaodih, E. ., Hidayat, D., & Noor, C. M. (2023). STRATEGI PEMASARAN KLINIK DALAM MENINGKATKAN JUMLAH KUNJUNGAN PASIEN. Prosiding Magister Manajemen ARS University , 1(-), 78-84. Retrieved from

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